How To Make A Logo in 5 Minutes – for Free

Hi guys, Today I’m going to show you how you can make a Logo For free. So after this article, You’ll be able to make logos Using just your browser. So let’s get started

We are going to make our logo In just 4 steps.

Create a Logo in 5 minutes
So the first step is to ‘Go to the logo making tool’ So to go there Just click this link And it’ll take you to the logo creating page. Now, here we are going to make our logo. Now you can see here that Right now we have this simple Fsample logo. So remove it by clicking this new button And then click yes. So now we have an empty blank page and here we can start creating our logo So to create our logo.

let’s go to step 2 Which is ‘how To make the icon of our logo’. So to make the new icon Just click add symbol And you’ll find many icons and it’s categories. Now choose a category Which relates to your brand. I’m going to choose this one And then pick an icon you like So I’m going to select this And as soon as you click it, it’ll be added to your page. So once you have added your icon Next let’s see how we can make it more unique.

So let’s say you want to change the color of the icon All you have to do is just click on the place. Where you want to change the color And then click here And change the color from here. Okay so now we have changed the color of our icon. Next, let’s see how you can customize this icon. So let’s say you don’t want this dollar symbol. To remove it All you have to do is Just select the part which you want to remove And then click on the eye button And as you can see the part we selected has been removed.

So now you know how you can customize your icon. So next, let’s see how we can make your icon more unique. Now if you want to make your icon more unique. You can add another icon And then place it inside that icon. let’s try it To pick our next icon so to Add symbol And pick your second icon. Now we are going to place this icon here And then change this color. To change the color once more just click on the place where you want to change And then change the color here. Okay so now we’ve successfully created our icon.

So next let’s go to step 3 Which is how to ‘Add your brand name to your logo’. So to add your name or your brand name. Just click Add text And this text will be added. Now to enter your brand name Just select the text And then enter your text. Now if you want you can also add your tagline here So to add a tagline Just click add text once more And then enter your tagline.

Now you can change its size By dragging here And if you want to change the text color. Just click it And like we did before Change this color here. Okay So now you have added your brand name and a tagline. Next, let’s see how you can make your brand name in the logo more unique. So to make your brand name unique Just click here And then click the duplicate.

Now let’s remove this part from here And will remove this part. So now we have separated the brand name into 2 different parts. So Now to make the logo more unique We are going to apply a different font for this part. So let’s place this here And to apply a new font. Just click here And you’ll get many different fonts which you can choose. Now have a look at all these fonts and choose the one you like. I’m going to choose this font And now we can change size this by dragging here. Okay so now we have changed the font.

Next, let’s quickly change the color from here. And now you can see hereafter changing the font and the color. Now this logo looks very unique, So now we have successfully created our logo

So next let’s go to the 4th step’ Which is how to download this logo to our computer ‘. So to download the logo Just click on the save and download And then enter your email address And click save and continue And now the logo will be sent to your email address. So to get it Let’s go to our inbox And then open the mail you have received. Now here you can see that we have an attachment. So let’s download the file And if you open it You can see that here we have got our logo in different formats. Now if we open one of these files. You can see that we have got a good logo.

So this is how you can download your logo to your computer. So once you download this logo. You can use your logo anywhere you want. Now if you want to use the logo on different backgrounds like this. Make sure you use the PNG format file So the PNG file will give you a transparent background for the logo.

Okay So next if you want to edit your logo in the future. Just go back to the logo maker website And you’ll find this link. Now you can visit this link anytime To continue editing the logo. So that’s guys this is how you can create your logo for free. Next, if you want to learn how you can make a website You can check this article. So in this article, we show you how you can make a website in just 30 minutes. Now if you

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